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Dean of Academic Affairs


Dean of Academic Affairs


The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for student admissions, course enrollment, academic records management, student transcripts, etc. Directly under the Dean of Academic Affairs, there are a vice-dean and five sections: Registration Section, graduate studies Section, the curriculum development section, the publications section  and the General Academic Affairs section, all of which have been set up to serve the entire faculty and students in their various capacities.

Title Name Tel Duties

Rong-Huay Juang

02-2737-6108 Administration of the academic affairs.
Vice Dean

Yaw-Terng Chern

02-2737-6646 To assist Dean for administration of the academic affairs.

Vice Dean

Kuen-Tsair Lay 02-2737-6219

To assist Dean for administration of the academic affairs.

(Director for Center for Teaching and Learning Development)

Secretary Ju-Hsin Yen 02-2737-6109
Coordinate the administrative affairs among sections.
Responsible for academic Affairs conferences.
Correction and organization of academic regulations.
Assistant Ning-Li 02-2730-3698
Support for the administrative affairs of the Office of Academic Affairs.
Messenger Mei-Tzu Kuo 02-2733-3141#7029 Document delivery .
  Fax: 02-2737-6122