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About Us



About Us


image Dean Office

This office is composed of five sections: the section of the registrar, the section of graduate studies, the curriculum development section,the publications section and the general academic affairs, all of which have been set up to serve the entire faculty and student body in their various capacities.

An introduction to the work of each section follows:

image Section of the Registrar
  • Recording and administering undergraduate grades and academic records.
  • Academic administration, registration, reporting, and issuing of certificates for all undergraduate levels.
  • Drafting each year's academic calendar for the school.
  • Administration of the undergraduate entrance exams.

image Section of Graduate Studies
  • Issue and revise school and academic regulations.
  • In charge of Graduate student course selection and academic records statistics.
  • Management and registration of student status, issue of academic certificates (incl. Academic transcript, re-issuance of Students ID Card etc.)
  • In charge of recruiting examination and application for admission of graduate students, assisting the recruiting examination affairs for undergraduate students.

image Curriculum Development Section
  • Calculating hourly compensation for full-time and part-time faculty.
  • Processing faculty requests for leave, makeup classes, and changes in class schedules.
  • Reporting the current list of required courses to the Ministry of Education, coordination of course scheduling and new courses for all departments and graduate schools.
  • Assignment of classrooms and other teaching facilities.

image Publications Section

image Section of General Academic affairs
  • Management of teaching facilities and equipment for continuing education program.
  • Photography and graph creation of the campus activities.
  • Maintenance and repair of audio-visual equipment.