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Important Notices for Student ID Card (2018 Fall)

Important Notices for Student ID Card (2018 Fall)

The New Student ID Card

  1. The new Student ID Card for 2018 Fall is issued in the form of iPASS.
  2. The company of iPASS offers each student a coupon (NTD$ 50). It can only be used in NTUST Restaurants, excluding 7-11 and MOS Burgers and the ones without posters.

No registration stamp from 2018 fall

  1. From 1st August, 2018, students can get the stickers (claiming “no registration stamps from 2018 Fall”) at Academic Affairs Office and paste the stickers on the back of the student ID cards by themselves. There’s no column for registration stamps on new student ID cards.

 For getting stickers:

 Undergraduates: class representatives on behalf of all class members please come to the Section of Registrar.

 Graduates: each individual please come to the Section of Graduate Studies.

  1. For those who need the certificate of study, please apply for it after the lectures begin. The notices are as follows:

           Each student can get a free certificate of study per semester by the KIOSKS (red machine) at the 1st floor in Administration Building.

           The function of downloading the certificate of study will be embedded in the student information system. Electronic certificates can be used to identify individuals’ status of studies and can be printed out by the students.

 If students need the certificate of study before the day of lecture begins, please bring the receipt of tuition payment to the Section of Register or the Section of Graduate Studies.

  1. Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) will list National Taiwan University of Science and Technology as an university exempt from registration stamps.

Replacement/Exchange of Student ID Card

  1. Please go to the following website to report the loss or replacement of student ID card via the Application System for Loss/Replacement Reporting. (
  2. Then, make payment for a new Student ID Card by the KIOSKS (red machine) at the 1st floor in Administration Building, and bring your receipt to Academic Affairs Office.
  3. You may choose your new Student ID Card to be served as the function of iPASS or EasyCard.
  4. The fee for both iPASS and EasyCard:




Replacement of student card  due to loss



Exchange of damaged or unreadable card



*All those who apply for iPASS will be given a coupon (NTD$ 50). The amount of the coupons is limited and available while the stock lasts.


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