2022 Spring Policies for Postgraduate Thesis/Dissertation Defense Examination and Graduation Leaving Procedures in Response to COVID-19 Epidemic Precaution

1.    Instructions of a master’s/doctoral thesis/dissertation defense examination:

(1)  Graduate degree thesis/dissertation defense examinations for this semester could be held online; each department (graduate institute or program) is authorized to decide independently without the permission of dean of Academic Affairs. Students could directly apply to each department for such request.

(2)  The measures and document preservation of an online thesis/dissertation defense examination should comply with Article 7 item 5 of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Master’s and Doctoral Degree Thesis/Dissertation Defense Examination Regulations.

(3)  For online thesis/dissertation defense examination, the degree examination score sheet can be signed, scanned and emailed by the committee member. The qualification form can be done the same way; however, all committee members should put their signatures on one same sheet that has to hand in with the original. As physical signature is not provided, it is recommended that students preserve the committee members’ e-mail along with the thesis/dissertation for reference.

2.    Deadline for thesis/dissertation Defense examination and graduation leaving procedures:

In accordance with the instructions of Ministry of Education, the deadline for 2022 spring thesis/dissertation submission and graduation is postponed to September 30, 2022. Students who pass their thesis/dissertation defense examination and complete the graduation leaving procedures before Sep. 30 should be deemed to graduate in 2022 spring semester. If students are not able to pass their thesis/dissertation defense examination and complete the graduation leaving procedures before September 30, they should pay the tuition fee for 2022 fall semester if they haven’t exceeded their study duration. Besides, move-out schedule for students living in dorms, who graduate in 2022 spring semester, shall comply with regulations of Office of Students Affairs (OSA).

3.    Students who study in their final semester and are not able to graduate this semester due to COVID-19, for example delayed review process of journal submission or closure of labs for more than one month caused by the pandemic, could apply for extension of their study duration, which will be granted on a case-by-case basis with relevant documents provided.