Notice of the Related Business of University in Response to the Latest Pandemic

Since the government has decided to upgrade the pandemic response level, our university will act in accord with some arrangements in several aspects. Please checked the following information.

 Course schedule and final exam

1. From 5/17 (Mon.) to the end of the semester, all courses will be conducted only online.

2. The instructor should announce the course arrangement on the teaching platform or related channels.

3. Please track the students' learning situation, give due guidance in due course, and properly handle the performance evaluation. The evaluation methods and standards are customized by the course instructors and be explained to the students.

4. The final exam is tentatively scheduled to be conducted online or in other non-physical ways, but the delivery of semester scores will be postponed to 7/30, and the instructors can adjust at any time in accordance with the announcement of the school policy of epidemic prevention.

5. The second withdrawal can be processed by email (second withdrawal application form and the supporting materials agreed by the course instructors), and it will be postponed to 5/27 17:00.

Contact Information:

  1. For course arrangements, please contact the Academic Affairs

Telephone: 27376116~6118 , 6247; online consultation:

  1. For submission of semester scores and the second withdrawal, please contact each department

Undergraduate: 2737-6115, 2737-6110; online consultation

Graduate 2737-6112 ; online consultation :

 Dissertation examination and leave school after graduation

1. Dissertation examination method:

(1) For this semester (1092) graduate dissertation oral defense can be conducted online; each department (institute, degree program) is authorized to decide on its own, and no special project is required to be approved by the dean. If necessary, students can apply to the department (institute, degree program) to conduct an oral defense online.

(2) The oral defense will be handled online, and its method and related file preservation should still be performed in accordance with Article 7 Paragraph 4 of the Graduate Degree Examination Regulation of the University. For those who maintain physical examinations, all participants must wear masks, maintain social distance, and are not open to observers. No more than five people are allowed to stay indoors. The relevant epidemic prevention regulations should be revised in accordance with the school's pandemic situation.

2. Dissertation examination time:

In response to the pandemic, the date of the dissertation oral defense of this semester(1092) can be decided by each departments and can be directly extended to August.

3. Time of leaving university for graduate students:

The originally scheduled date for graduate students to leave university has been changed from August 20, 2021 to August 31, 2021.However, for students who lives in campus, the time schedule for moving out of the dormitory must be handled in accordance with the regulations of the Office of Academic Affairs.

4. Leaving Process for Graduation:

Firstly, please log into the student information system, to confirm if you meet the graduation requirements. If you can graduate in this semester (June 2021), please fill in the questionnaire in the student information system, then print out the Leaving School Process Form

Contact information:

Graduate 2730-1296 ; online consultation:;

Undergraduate: 2737-6114 2737-6110;

online consultation:;


1. All classrooms in the school are closed.

2. If you need to record teaching videos or degree oral defense, you should consult separately. When entering the classroom, all staff should wear masks, maintain social distance and scan the QR Code at the door of the classroom to leave personal information.

Contact Information: For course arrangements, please contact the Academic Affairs Section 27376116~6118 , 6247; online consultation:

Distance teaching resources

For remote teaching and online examination methods and technical issues, please refer to the website of Center of Teaching and Learning Development

Contact information: 2733-3141 ext. 1021, 6501, 7483 (digital TA)