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Journal of Technology  ISSN: 10123407

The Journal of Technology was first published in September 1986. After publishing Issues 1-2 of Volume 2 in 1987, we began publishing the journal as a quarterly since 1988 (published every March, June, September and December). The Journal of Technology has a rigorous assessment policy, which enables us to become a platform for publishing advanced research papers among colleges and universities over the past decade or so. Each paper must be accessed by two to three experts and scholars, and it takes about six months to finish assessing a paper.

As a first-class international journal for publishing English technical papers, the Journal of Technology has become a major platform for colleges, universities and research institutions to publish research papers over the past two decades or so. With its academic influence, the Journal of Technology also enables first-class research papers to circulate worldwide.

The Journal of Technology has been included in the international bibliographic databases such as EI Compendex (Engineering Information) and Scopus (paper publication index of the QS World University Rankings). Therefore, papers published on the Journal of Technology will be browsed and cited extensively. As a journal with a well-organized assessment process to ensure uniform paper quality, all papers published in the Journal of Technology are cited frequently. We welcome you to submit your industrial technical paper to the Journal of Technology.

The Journal of Technology is a journal of application & study directed and promoted by Ministry of Education, Taiwan, and published by National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. It is not only an important medium in which colleges/universities and science & research entities may release their paper, it is also able to circulate excellent paper widely in the world with its influence.  

JOT are currently free of charge for manuscript submission and review, except for the cost of editing the manuscript in English and the fee for publishing color pages on paper. The Journal welcomes the contribution of manuscripts from all sectors.

While submitting the revised manuscript, please double check the author names provided in the submission so that authorship related changes are made in the revision stage. After the paper is accepted to production, we do not allow any authorship changes in your article since the editor would like to approve any changes to the authorship before acceptance of papers.

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Exclusive e-mail for the Journal of Technology: jot@mail.ntust.edu.tw

The ending of both of the website and e-mail is ntust.edu.tw. “ntust” represents National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and “edu.tw” represents the scope of jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education in the territories of Taiwan.

JOT submit website: www.ipress.tw/J0120


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