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Course related announcements for Fall Semester 2022.


Dear instructors,

The fall semester of the 2022 academic year will begin on September 5. Physical teaching has been resumed in this semester. Please be sure to abide by various epidemic prevention regulations.

Because some foreign students need 3+4 days of quarantine after entering the country, the time of attending classes varies. If there are students who have not entered the country in your class, please be sure to provide remote teaching through distance learning tools (synchronous or asynchronous) at the same time. Such students will add "entry date not yet confirmed" on the students list of course enrollment.

Please make digital courses an option for students who are unable to enter Taiwan or will be absent from classes to undergo a quarantine. Synchronous or asynchronous methods are both helpful that enable students to continue their learning in the face of the pandemic.

The implementation method of the course should still be adjusted in a rolling manner in accordance with the provisions of the Central Epidemic Command Center, the Ministry of Education or the resolution of the NTUST Epidemic Prevention Response Team.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Academic Affairs Office

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