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2023 Spring Notice of Enrollment for Current Students

+2023 Spring Notice of Enrollment  for current students  




Tuition Fees Payment

Jan.31, 2023


Feb.15, 2023

No paper bill will be sent, Please print out the online bill: https://school.ctbcbank.com/cstu/get_school_list.do

Payment methods:
Pay at the Post Office
Pay at ATM 
Pay by Credit Card
Pay at the Chinatrust Bank
Pay at the convenience store: 7-11 / Family Mart / Hi-Life / OK
Course Adding and Dropping 

Feb.20, 2023


Mar.7, 2023

Course Selection System:


2023 Spring Course Selection Schedule

Notice   Lectures Begin: Feb.20, 2023
Academic Calendar for 2022-2023
New students please refer to https://www.admission.ntust.edu.tw/index.php?Lang=en
Students who fail to pay the registration fee by the deadline will be withdrawn from this university.  Their student status will be canceled.
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