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2024 Spring Notice of Enrollment for Current Students


2024 Spring Notice of Enrollment  for current students  




Tuition Fees Payment

Feb.1, 2024


Feb.16, 2024


No paper bill will be sent, Please print out the online bill: https://school.ctbcbank.com/cstu/get_school_list.do

Payment methods:
Pay at the Post Office
Pay at ATM 
Pay by Credit Card
Pay at the Chinatrust Bank
Pay at the convenience store: 7-11 / Family Mart / Hi-Life / OK


Course Adding and Dropping 

Feb.19, 2024


Mar.1, 2024


Course Selection System:


2024 Spring Course Selection Schedule




Lectures Begin: Feb.19, 2024
Academic Calendar for 2023-2024
New students please refer to https://www.admission.ntust.edu.tw/p/412-1052-8880.php?Lang=en
Students who fail to pay the registration fee by the deadline will be withdrawn from this university.  Their student status will be canceled.


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