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Roll Call Assistant System Instruction Manual

To act in concert with the policy of Ministry of Education, the course attendance of all instructors and students during the epidemic prevention period should be recorded for further follow-up purposes. Therefore, NTUST Computer Center developed a roll call assistant system to provide assistance for instructors when doing roll calls.

The system is available online for use, please log in via the information system for teaching and administrative staff (http://info.ntust.edu.tw/index1.aspx) . Instruction manual as attached.


If you encounter any problem when operating the system, please contact Mr. Huang, Tian-Shan 02-27376207 (tshuang@mail.ntust.edu.tw).

If you have any question with the students list of course enrollment, please contact Section of  Registrar (for undergraduate students) or Section of Graduate Studies (for graduate students). If you have any question about the courses, please contact Curriculum Development Section.


Thank you for your cooperation.


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