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Please offering the virtual classes for students who cannot enter Taiwan.

Dear Taiwan Tech faculty,

As you will have heard from media reports, international students from all countries have eventually been allowed to enter Taiwan. However, as COVID19 prevention measures require them to undergo a 14-day quarantine, they may not be able to physically attend classes on Taiwan Tech upon the start of the semester on 22 February.

We therefore kindly ask you to offer the possibility of taking your classes remotely through distance learning tools (synchronous or asynchronous) during the first weeks of the semester. You can check via the Academic Administration Information System if you have students in your classes who do not have the chance to attend on-campus classes. The System will indicate the students' status (i.e. "entered on xx date", "entry date not yet confirmed" etc.) on the course attendance list from 9 February, and the final version will be confirmed on 10 March. [Course Pre-registration Period of the Unentered students: 2/8-2/19]

We know that offering virtual classes in addition to the normal on-site teaching means an increase of your workload. The Teaching and Learning and Development Center will offer any support, technical and pedagogical, with the implementation and use of distance learning tools. If you have any questions about distance learning methods and techniques, please do not hesitate to contact the Teaching and Learning and Development Center (Ms. Liu, ext.1021)

Thank you for your cooperation.


Academic Affairs Office

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