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Teacher can consider offering a remote course in your class until May 9th.

Dear teacher,

Since a few students have visited the Taipei Grand Mosque on April 16, where a confirmed COVID-19 case has been present,

the students are under self-health management and temporarily refrain from entering Taiwan Tech campus until May 02.

If the risk of a in-person course concerns you , you can consider offering a remote course (synchronous or asynchronous) in your classes until May 9th.

The Teaching and Learning and Development Center will offer any support, technical and pedagogical, with the implementation and use of distance learning tools.

If you have any questions about distance learning methods and techniques, please do not hesitate to contact the Teaching and Learning and Development Center. (Ms. Liu, ext.1021)

If you have any questions about course, please contact Division of Curriculum Development. (Ms. Lai, ext.6116)

Please keep the social-distancing during the class. If there’s difficulty in complying it , then all should wear masks.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Academic Affairs Office

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